Meet your teacher, Charlene Gabriel! Charlene has the passion and experience necessary to help your child develop the discipline and creativity needed to excel in music. She has an ARCT in piano performance from the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, and she has studied piano with the famous music educator, and pioneer of children’s curricula, Mrs. Kelly Kirby, whom was also her mentor for over ten years. Charlene also has a passion for educating young children (as her mentor did). She regularly attends 50 hours of professional development courses to maintain her active Bermuda Teachers’ License, and has studied the Orff and Kodak methods for young children. She is a member of the Early Childhood Music Association of Ontario. Hence, she stays up to date regarding the latest methods of educating young children.

Charlene studied harmony, counterpoint, analysis, music history, private ear training and private sight reading lessons with other leading musicians, and, after graduating at the young age of sixteen, she interned in the piano studio of her mentor. She later became a Registered Music Teacher in the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association, as well as a Board Member and as Treasurer. She holds a Bermuda Educators (Full Teachers) license and has a Masters of Education from Franciscan University in Ohio.

Charlene has also produced and performed piano on a religious music album recorded in Ohio. It featured mainly university student musicians as well as young primary aged students. She has taught elementary music in the private sector, teaching from the Kindergarten (S1) level through to the grade 6 (S7) level. She was the Music Director of both the Church and School choirs, which meant performing every weekend at church and other functions. She has also worked as organist and choir director in churches in Bermuda and in the United States.

With over twenty years of experience in those roles, she is eager to help your child develop a passion for music, along with the discipline and creativity needed to be successful!